An Inclusive and Transformative University for the Mindanaoans

By Macapado Muslim

I visited Queensland University of Technology  (QUT) for benchmarking while I was the President of the Mindanao State University (MSU) System. I got to meet with the the top leaders of QUT including the Vice Chancellor and the Deputy Vice Chancellors for Research and Innovation, International Division,  and Teaching and Learning. It inspired me to institute strategic changes in my approach and perspective as a higher education leader. Among other things, I learned about the importance of inspiring a shared vision– particularly our vision of transforming the MSU System to become world-class–  and always challenging the process. QUT’s Blueprint was really inspiring. It focused on inclusion and delivering transformative education.

This has become part of my legacy as a leader — turning MSU into an inclusive and transformative university catering to the Mindanaoans, who deserve a “real world” university.

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