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Uniting a PNG Community with Books

By Anna Kakun, Papua New Guinea

I am more than happy to share my story on a small community project which I was involved with seven months ago in my community and the changes that came about. The training which I did at QUT had equipped me with the knowledge and skills to identify a problem in a community and find solutions to the problem.

After returning to PNG, the first problem I identified was the lack of reading books for both elementary and primary schools in the community. Using the knowledge and skills I have, I identified my stakeholders and conducted a meeting with them to find the root cause of the problem. From our meeting, the two main contributing factors were the absence of a school library and lack of access to more books. I then decided to help procure books, and we all build the school library.

Without further delay, I requested some books from an organization in Brisbane and they sent us 70 boxes of books for both primary and elementary schools. We then completed the school library and installed solar power to light it. Because of this, students were now able to access and read books, and have improved their English vocabulary and knowledge of the outside world.

The communities were very happy about this project that they offered to contribute by keeping the school clean and providing security to the school.

During the grand opening of the library together with the school’s graduation, a representative from the MP’s office had contributed a very special book to be kept in the library for students and teachers to use. Other invited guests also pledged to donate more books and materials to the school.

This project is a first of its kind in the community and with this news other schools had put in their request for me to help them gather books for their schools as well.

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