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Making Corps D’elite of Learners and Educators

By Noel Ibis, Philippines

Keenness makes one “see” things differently like the ability of clairvoyance. This metaphor stemmed from the certain savvy I’ve had with QUT nearly six years ago. The Institute enriched me with deep, meaningful insights, concepts, and theories. Indeed, these experiences gave me much know-how to take on more challenges as an educator, researcher, community leader, and environmentalist.

Idleness is never an alternative to a visionary like me. Whenever I take the helm for the team, I lead it as I walk my talk. Since 2015, my division has been honing student-researchers and teacher-advisers who have the integral knowledge to compete, and dominate Regional Science and Technology Fairs. Some were even winners, not only qualifiers, of national competitions. We made it achievable through the rock-hard persistence of students and the erudition of people in the field. Teacher-advisers are rendered better as we encourage them to participate in the Professional Development programs. We also published a compendium of scientific researches called Uswag— a local term that means “moving forward.” Progress. This may not be much, but it is the honest work of many people who have spent time and effort to contribute to the ever-growing field of science.


COVID-19 changed everything. This is proven not to be a hindrance for me to share my passion in taking other teachers for mentoring, rather, a primetime to reach out to others. Together with my graduate studies students, we helped a group of indigenous people in our province, Manide– a tribe that is very close to my heart. We have provided social ameliorations as well as simple culture, tradition, and practice-based lectures on life skills and basic health habits. To be able to witness the simplicity of their way of life was truly life-altering.

As a visionary educator, I continue to search for what I consider new and essential. I indelibly patronize “thinking together” and “thinking about thinking together”. It is my particular conviction that collaboration is the essence of philosophical inquiry. Grounding of philosophical inquiry in graduate studies catalyzed a more thoughtful, compassionate, and ethical educational experience among my students. I inspire them to be champions in applying innovative methods in teaching by constantly fascinating them with intellectually safe communities of inquiry to develop their abilities to think for themselves in tried-and-true ways. These are all outcomes of my unending learnings and reflections as I try to embolden others to be the corps d’elite of the next generation of learners and educators.


  1. Lydian Sarical Reply

    Thank you so much Sir. You are an inspiration, the best mentor and amazing Professor. Thank you so much for imparting us the knowledge and wisdom you are the best. God bless you always.

    -Lydian Sarical

  2. Thinking and working together are essential for us to move foward. So, educators should intensify building good relations to the community. Eduacators are also influencer. That is why we should not cease in inspiring people. It is one of the best thing that we can do to make our existence more meaningful.

    Titser Ann (Ann P. Espallardo)

    • Lorena Martin Reply

      You’re doing a great job sir, and I want you to know that your presence and efforts are appreciated. Congratulations!

  3. Thank you so much Sir for sharing your knowledge and wisdom to us. You are a great mentor and educator, as well as an inspiration for us. God Bless you always Sir.

  4. Kris Joy M. Villaluz Reply

    Thank you so much Sir for all your hardwork and hhelping others to share your knowledge, skills and experience. I am grateful to be your student in MAED. We wholeheartedly appreciate your time and effort just to help us.
    Again thank you sir. God bless❤️


  5. Marilou C. Dating Reply

    I am so amazed that Manibe tribe has a special place in your heart sir .Our PLG group did our social experiment with them and that was a month ago.W e chose them because would like to know how did Covid 19 affect their livelihood, their children’s education , what aid do they get from the LGU . We did a short reading tutorial to Manibe learners and some “puti” joined in…we were saddened by the fact that what we can give to them is our spare time and coming back is too far to happen.

  6. Thank you for your wonderful contributions to the field of Science. Thanks for the learnings.You are an inspiration to us. .God bless


      This is lovely!. Continue sharing your talents to the MAnide tribe. Regards to the team.


      You can always come back sometime soon and spend quality time with the tribe. Take that as an opportunity to learn their culture and see what you do to preserve them as an education leaders.


    We are truly blessed in the Division of Camarines Norte for having a visionary leader in you, Sir Noel Ibis. You have inspired a lot of science teachers including me by being a role model. I really admire you for being humble and grounded as you lead (with wisdom and heart) not only teachers but all people whom you influence to make a difference not only to themselves but also to others. May you always be blessed.

  8. Thank you sir for your wonderful contributions to the field of Science. You are truly an inspiration I’m happy to know that there are groups that help indigenous people. Keeo it up. God bless.

  9. Lorena Martin Reply

    Thank you very much for sharing your experience and expertise with us. You’re a fantastic mentor and coach, as well as a source of inspiration for us. May God continue to bless you.

    • Contessa Robin Reply

      Truly a Man of Wisdom! Continue to spread the goodness Sir! God bless your journey .

  10. Lorena Martin Reply

    You’re doing a great job sir, and I want you to know that your presence and efforts are appreciated. Congratulations!

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