Impacting My Career, My College and My Community

By Mercidita Villamayor, Philippines

My training at QUT is a source of ripples for change, and a scaffolding to my career.

Connecting and engaging with my fellow participants, we made our University the regional training center on Technology Teaching and Learning. We also hosted the International Seminar and Research Conference with the theme “Converging Pathways for Education 4.0”.

Through QUT, I gained more knowledge and inspiration to finish my PhD in the field of Instructional Systems Design (ISD). I developed the MERCY Approach (Make-Explore-Reflect-Collaborate-Yearn), which was an off-shoot of the MeRubEl’s discussion and creation of resources under Dr. Shaun Nykvist. This gave me opportunities to be a speaker and presenter at various  national and international forums. This was later utilized by national and international teachers through workshops and graduate school classes. Participants said that it develops the learners’ collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and creativity (4C’s). Having learned this approach, they likewise used it in their respective classes and shared with their fellow teachers.

Exposure to the different schools with our professors and Mr. Nelson Salangsang, gave me a lot of insights on designing capacity building programs. These insights were re-enforced by Mr. Chris Blundell on professional learning specifically on solvable problems. These gave me the strength to accept the Deanship in the College of Education at my University. As a dean, I used ASAM (Advisorship, Summative Assessment, Area Adoption, and Mentoring) all throughout. Under my leadership, the passing rate and number of LET topnotchers from our college increased. It was  also recognized as Best Practice finalist by the Development Academy of the Philippines. Modules and e-learning modalities were developed and utilized. And teachers were trained on organic farming and shared to the community for self sufficiency in this time of pandemic.

The fellowship at QUT has truly made me an agent of change.

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