Human Resources and Performance Management Women

Small Change, Huge Impact

By Tran Cong Thang & Nguyen Viet Hung, Vietnam

It has been two years since a team from the Institute for Policy and Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development (IPSARD, Vietnam) attended the short course on “Optimizing Gender Outcome” hosted by QUT.  Although the training course lasted for only two weeks, it has brought beautiful memories and experiences which significantly influenced our mindset as well as individual actions in daily working life over the past two years.

The most significant change was the Board of Directors’ mindset in recruitment and personnel planning activities, which is now focused on individual capabilities, their enthusiasm and responsibility, regardless of gender and age. Women staff at IPSARD are now getting equal opportunities. The working schedule is also now assigned flexibly to ensure that individuals can balance their work and daily routine, but still ensure quality outputs. These are but small changes, which have resulted in significant improvements.

We are so grateful to QUT and Aus4Skill for granting us an opportunity to join a useful training course which enabled us to be more inclusive.


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