Windows of Vision: My Journey to Australia

One day I received a phone call, “Hello! This is Metrobank, what subjects do you teach?” I answered, “Music and Art”.

“Do you teach other languages?” I said, “No,” and that was the end of the conversation.

At night, I posted on my Face book wall,

“I don’t teach any form of language, English nor Filipino. But I teach the highest form of language, the language of the heart and soul, which is Music. “

After a week I received an email from Metrobank saying, “Please secure a passport, submit to Metrobank asap.”

Yehey! Wow! I can’t believe it, I didn’t expect to go to Australia and we know only those who teach major subjects like English, Science and Math go to Australia. But there I was, awarded a chance to not only go to Australia, but to study at QUT. Thank you Lord!

When we talked about Australia among us awardees, I didn’t mind whether it will really happen or not. But, I could not forget the vision during the SOT search that gave me inspiration to pursue my dream.

This was my dream and its interpretation:

I am climbing in a dark, stiff stair case (at dawn I climbed the 22nd floor of Metrobank, the search was tough). While climbing to the top, I’ve heard a teacher giving their lecture. The sliding door opened easily for me (that was the National Final interview). The teacher who was lecturing shouted, “Ahhhhhhhh!” (that was my contender). I went up the stage while the people applauded, the lights dazzled my eyes, then I took a bow.

Another vision that I saw in my dream was the windows at QUT. I was staring at it, and thought I’ve seen this somewhere. I then realised they were the same windows in my dream. I took a shot of the windows, my vision was clear.

Our daily routine at QUT was productive and memorable. We learned a lot from our brilliant lecturers. Each one was a master of their own craft. The school bench markings were surprisingly adorable, the MOC numeracy and literacy were impressive. OLA had the best Music Program.  All of these became my new discoveries and learnings,; and that I am grateful to QUT, PAHRODF and Metrobank for giving me the chance to become a catalyst of change and an ambassador of goodwill in education.

Recently, I had the opportunity to share my Australian experiences to forty-nine teachers during the REAP Seminar. I became also a lecturer of twenty five new graduate teachers who took the licensure exam in Roxas. The impact was emphatic because after Australia I’ve got one hundred and twenty nine interviews via Facebook from students all over the Philippines. Last August 20, 2014, I was appointed National Committee on Music Executive Council by the National Commission for Culture and Arts (NCCA).  This means I am extending my parameters in sharing and serving the nation. Indeed, my QUT experience had been rewarding and fulfilling, and has given me me many opportunities to help others.

Thank you, QUT, for making my dreams come true.

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