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Start Up a Business for Oneself, Start Up a Livelihood for Many Others

By Ni Komang Ayu Suriani

I was one of 25 delegates of a short course for the startup leaders program in September 2016. In that program, I connected with young startup founders who inspired me to also found my own company.

While we were in Australia, we visited some places and the one that inspired me was Maxima, an organization in Adelaide that is focused on inclusive employment for People with Disabilities. They gave me insights and made me realise that there are still several ideas that need to be tried and executed in Indonesia to help provide employment for People with Disabilities.

My experiences in Australia enabled me to establish, a company with a goal of creating an inclusive workplace in Indonesia especially for People with Disabilities. I am proud to say that we are on our third year successfully running Difalink. To date, we host over 2,000 job-seekers with disabilities from all around Indonesia; have made strong partnerships with 60 companies; and have positively impacted 300 job-seekers with disabilities!

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