QUT’s Inclusion Coaches in Action: Promoting Inclusive Education in the Maldives

By Adhila Rushdhee and Aishath Zaeema

One of the major targets of the Department of Inclusive Education for 2021 is to develop school leaders’ capacity on inclusive education. In this regard, the Department designed an online training programme for all public and private school principals in the Maldives. The training was conducted in 18 January to 9th February 2021 aimed at making principals aware of the revised inclusive education policy and monitoring framework for inclusive education. Apart from this, principals were made aware of the importance of genuine inclusion model, index for inclusion, value framework and application of value-led approach in improving school inclusion practices. In this training, 211 public schools and 19 private schools participated, which covered more than 95% of all schools in the Maldives!

The training was mainly facilitated by inclusion coaches and graduates of QUT, Ms. Aishath Zaeema and Ms. Adhila Rushdhee. Apart from this, other professional staff contributed in coordinating workshops and sharing their current plans, making them aware of available documents in department website.

As being inclusive coaches over the last four years we have been continuously working at the national level to enhance inclusive education practices in the Maldivian schools.

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