Human Resources and Performance Management

Mentoring Key Players and Promoting a Culture of Coaching

By Zenaida Tan

Through the Workplace Coaching and Mentoring Training, I got to coach and mentor a major key player of the organisation: “Through the coaching efforts of RDO Zeny, we significantly improved the performance of the Planning and Design Division and designed a computer program called Electronic Communication Management Application (eCMA). That increased our communication response efficiency from 50% to 95%. In five months, we were able to lower our communication backlogs– from 189 to none!”

In our coaching journey, I also got the chance to improve my coaching competencies on adaptive leadership, giving constructive feedback, and empathic listening. I never thought how my coaching and mentoring efforts have promoted a coaching culture in the office. In my 40 years of public service I can say that the length of service does not limit you to seek further training, learning and improvement.

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