En Route to PhD: Discovering a Love for Research through QUT

By Yanina Kowszyk

I participated in a program on Mining and Development at QUT with an Australia Awards scholarship. Those days in Australia were totally unique and the experience had an incredibly positive long-term effect on me. Let me tell you how this happened.

We were 13 students from six countries in Latin America, studying in a great environment! The reception from QUT staff was exceptional. The entire program was amazing and thoroughly designed. Every detail was considered. The content of the classes was very relevant and focused on the most interesting and controversial issues in the field.

Because of this training, I had the chance to meet high-level professors and discovered my love for research. Now, I have returned to Australia to pursue a PhD candidature in Cultural Geography and Mining. Everything that came after the Australian experience was incredible. It was totally unexpected, incredibly inspiring and the type of gift you receive once in a lifetime.

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