Human Resources and Performance Management

Coaching and Mentoring in the Pandemic

By Angelina Melchor

My Workplace Coaching and Mentoring training funded by the #AustraliaAwards and Alumni Engagement Program in the Philippines has given me a good avenue to hone and grow my coaching skills in this evolving and trying time. The results of my workplace coaching and mentoring training has been manifested in dealing with my staff and other people in the workplace. Despite (and because of) the challenges of the global pandemic, which required adjustments to stringent health and safety protocols, my learning from the training has extended to a wider range with the opportunity to maximize the use of technology. In applying coaching and mentoring the entire workforce in our working environment managed our time well and became more flexible with one another. Through the training, I was able to relay values in a transformative manner. Further, inter-agency communication has been improved. As a result of our work, there are continuous construction projects, which provides for more jobs. In addition, while adhering to our goals in every project, we are still observing safety protocols in order to protect every one of us. Overall, the training has expanded my idea of leadership through coaching and mentoring and has made me more flexible and able to adapt to the modern methodologies in getting the work done. As a coach, I also learned from my coachees on how to bridge the generation gap in the workplace. I am grateful for this experience because I learn new things and realize that indeed, life is a continuous process of learning.

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