STEM Education

Making A Marked STAMP on Philippine Universities

By Josephine Calamlam

The fellowship I attended in 2014 has empowered me to initiate projects that make use of mentoring concepts and skills that I learned from QUT. As part of my REAP, I have introduced Student Teachers’ Advancement through Mentoring Program (STAMP) to the university. I have mentored cooperating teachers and university supervisors in Philippine Normal University and Palawan State University on how they too, can be effective mentors to pre-service teachers. I have led Department of Education Region 1 in creating Learning Action Cell Modules in which I applied my version of mentoring framework which is currently used by education supervisors. Needless to say, the work I have been doing on mentoring has created ripple effect among teacher educators and education supervisors as well. The learning I acquired from QUT has equipped me to respond to the COVID 19 situation as a teacher educator. The seven (7) modules I produced in teaching Advanced Research to pre-service teachers carry the mentoring framework as part of the learning continuity plan. I share these instructional materials with colleagues who also teach the same course. With conviction, the exposure I had in QUT has empowered me to be a change agent in a wider sphere of influence.

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