STEM Education

Developing a High-Energy Culture of Science Enthusiasts

By Noel Ibis

2015 was a remarkable experience when I took part in the Strengthening Leadership and Teaching Excellence Skills program of Metrobank and QUT. It drove me to influence, inspire and empower more young education leaders in our province, Camarines Norte, Philippines. After that training, I assumed the post of Education Program Supervisor for Science in our province. New in the position, but with novel ideas and leadership styles learned from my QUT mentors, I showed great capability to lead the division. This resonated in my organization as I developed a high-energy culture of Science enthusiasts. I empowered them to think big and rebrand their practices in Science education with my shared viewpoints as instructional supervisor and as provider of technical assistance in school management and curriculum implementation. During the COVID- 19 Pandemic, with the guidance of the Division Superintendent, I led the Curriculum Implementation in our division to develop Contextualized and Localized Video Lessons from Kindergarten to Grade 3 in all Learning areas using limited resources. More than 200 elementary schools in 14 districts were given the 90 quality-assured video lessons focusing on process/computational skills and abstraction phase. I also worked as a team leader in the development of Alternative Delivery Grade 4 Science Modules. It has been uploaded in the DepEd Commons Learning Resource Portal and now ready for use nationwide. Since 2015, I advised more than 50 researches in the Masters and Doctorate Programs. In 2019, I was designated as Division Practice Coordinator where I took charge and handled the TEI’s Practice Teaching/Field Study concerns. I maximized my teaching excellence skills by mentoring young leaders in the areas of Philosophy, Research, Science and Educational Psychology. Truly, my leadership journey and socio-emotional skills were broadened. As I navigate my path towards leadership effectiveness, I will stay focus and grounded.

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  1. Jane Miguel Reply

    Congratulations Sir Noel on this remarkable achievement. You are such an inspiration to all.

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