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An Inventor for the Real World: Creating and Protecting Trade in the Philippines

By Nuna Almanzor, Philippines

After returning from my five-week training at QUT, I was engaged to be a part of a research team to develop a technology that will reduce the incidence of Dengue. Our Ovicidal-Larvicidal trap was given an Intellectual Property certificate for invention in 2011 by the IPOPhil. Due to its commercial production and its application in the whole country, we were awarded a Presidential award named, “Lingkod ng Bayan Award” (Service to Country Award), conferred for exceptional or extraordinary contribution from an idea that has a national impact.

I was then hired by a private university as the Executive Director for Research and Development. I encouraged faculty and student researchers to engage with research that will generate products and processes with patent potential. As a role model, I participated in the technology development of geotextile (to prevent landslide from sloppy areas) using local materials. This technology was granted a Utility Model Certificate in 2019. Currently, after its field testing, talks for commercial production is on-going.

My learnings from the “Trainers’ Training on Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights” at QUT gave me a lot of insights on how results of my work will be protected and later create trade. My management skills and practice of my chemical engineering profession has been recognized when I was awarded the country’s highest professional excellence in 2018 at the Nubla Excellence Award, besting 343 other professional organizations, the first for the Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers.

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