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Viewing 2020 in Three Dimensions

By Gouhar Pirzada, Pakistan

I view the year 2020 in three dimensions; Personal development, Organizational development, and Community development. Being selected to participate in “Australia Award Regional Alumni Conference” and eventually winning the country level Story telling competition was a fantastic start of the year. I also got selected for the Alumni Professional Development Programme to study online, an Australian qualification in Training & Assessment. I am not only cascading my learning at my workplace but for TVET community at large. With one research paper and an article already published and three papers accepted to be published in December 2020, I couldn’t have a better ending of the year!  The inspiration that we acquired from QUT is still thrilling and equally motivating in every aspect of my role. Despite the restrictions and limitations due to Covid-19, we led the VET fraternity by being the first institute in country to arrange the online Art & Design Digital Exhibition, which was highly appreciated at national and international levels. My course title at QUT, “Supporting the strengthening of TVET: Policy and Management” is continuing to be an immense drive for me for contributing towards a better world. Thank you QUT for letting us grow!!

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