Best of 2020

Setting a Standard for Inclusion

By Lakpa Sherpa, Nepal

As a principal, I fully adopted the techniques and methodologies that I learned at QUT. Now I have been able to change the mindset of teachers and staff at my school regarding inclusive and special education. They now respect the diversity of pupils inside and outside. I have been able to raise the capacity of my teachers, staff and the school for the betterment of inclusive education. I have put sensors and signboard in different places for the vision-impaired students so that they can reach every place easily. I have installed braille machines, sound computers, tablets, radios and scanners for them. Now, all students— vision-impaired and sighted, learn together by exchanging their ideas and knowledge in a very friendly manner.

I have played the greater role in Examination Board of Nepal to increase the examination time
from three hours to four for vision-impaired students. I have contributed my experience to the policy level of local, provincial and feral government in different plans and programs. The students with vision impairment can now participate in different sports like judo, music, singings, oratory, quiz contest, cricket. I have built the network with government NGOs and INGOs for the betterment of our school. Our students have been participating in national and international tournament. I always encourage students to take part in every event. I am trying my best to transform into the full-fledged inclusive school very soon. I have raised the status of my school in my tenure, thanks to my inclusive education training at QUT.

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