Best of 2020 Public Service

Strengthening Amanah Through Inclusive Leadership

By Samer Musa Allong, Philippines

Leadership is a form of trust between a leader and the followers. In Islam, this is the essence of Amanah. This perspective was reinforced by my leadership development experience at Queensland University of Technology when we did the Australia Awards Fellowship in 2015 where I deeply learned and appreciated the principle of inclusive leadership and engagement Рof being collaborative, connected, and empathetic with the community socially and culturally. I really admired how Australian schools provided great care for the indigenous students, children with disability, and those people from challenged economic background. Australia’s sense of inclusion and engaging leadership inspired me!

Hence, from my different local government roles in Davao, Philippines, to my presidential appointment as Commissioner for Youth at the National Commission for Muslim Filipinos, I continue to uphold the values of grassroots engagement in planting seeds of hope for Muslim and non-Muslim communities through solidarity programs such as Jamaa for Peace, Gift Giving to Morit, Musabaqah (Quizbee Contest for Students), Madrasah Visitation, Pagtukmati (a Regional Consultation to various sectors), Mukhayam (Youth Education Camp) among others.

Just last month, I received communication that the President has just renewed my term as Commissioner, Alhamdulillah.

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