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Midwife Crisis Resolved

By Abraham Auzan, Indonesia

SehatiTeleCTG is a medical innovation company integrating technology-based tools and online and offline communities to deliver equal opportunities for healthcare services.  After joining Australia Awards TechStartUp with QUT, we successfully reshaped our products and business model in accordance with the needs of our market.   

 In 2019 we have implemented our solutions in nine provinces in Indonesia.  After our implementation, maternal mortality rate in Kupang district decreased by 85% and anemia among pregnant women in Indramayu decreased by 67%!  We have reduced mother mortality rate, reduced neonatal mortality rate and have stunted intrauterine pregnancy in several regions in Indonesia. In 2020, we now have the capacity to expand our business to more regions, not just in Indonesia, but in other developing countries in Asia and Latin America. 

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