Hi! My name is Katie and I am a QUT Bachelor of Business (Finance) student who is currently studying on exchange in Canada at Queen's University. Follow me on my various adventures from meeting so many awesome Canadians and fellow exchange students to travelling through Canada & the USA through my blog. Should you have any questions about anything I post, fire away, I will be only happy to answer. Carpe Diem.

Life In Canada

Spending my Australian summer semester in a Canadian winter was definitely an experience I will never forget. When you come home you realise that our winter is officially ‘not cold’. Living in the Queen’s student ghetto also meant that I was only ever a few streets away from…

Exploring the Great North!

Canada is a vast country its hard to pin point the areas to explore whilst on exchange in this awesome country. For me, I started with the known areas which surrounded Queens University on the East Coast of Canada. Montreal This is such a beautiful city! So much…

QUT Meet Queen’s University!

Going on exchange was something I always wanted to partake in should I ever get the opportunity to. When I applied for the QUT exchange program I was only in my first semester of my first year at QUT. The idea that it was go any further than the application…