Tiffanie Turnbull

I’m an aspiring journalist, history buff, travel enthusiast, dog lover, the village idiot and now an amateur blogger. As a New Colombo Plan Grant recipient, I am currently studying Japanese at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto, Japan, and completed an internship in Tokyo.

Japan > Australia*

*in these particular areas. There is no denying that Japanese culture and Australian culture are poles apart. Where Australia is laid-back and simple, Japan is wonderfully weird and over-the-top. Where Australia is endearingly rough-around-the-edges, Japan is pristine and polished. And while I love Straya, I’m taking the opportunity…

My Internship Experience

Hi, my name is Tiffanie and I’m scared of sharks, women who wear white pants, snakes, tall people, running out of hand sanitiser, sea cucumbers, crying children, weak handshakes, cane toads, 4s, accidentally swallowing gum, the Caboolture line and my own shadow (no, I’m not scared of spiders…