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An Unforgettable Experience in the Capital of Wales

Emily – Cardiff University, Wales – United Kingdom

Semester 2, 2023

Bachelor of Justice

Hi everyone, I’m Emily and I have recently returned from a semester 2 exchange program.  I am now in the final year of university, studying a Bachelor of Justice. I have been lucky enough to spend the past 7 months abroad between the UK & Europe. After meeting some lovely Welsh students in Brisbane back in 2022, I chose to complete my exchange at Cardiff University. 

Departing Aus 

There were mixed emotions upon my departure from Australia. It was tough to say goodbye to my friends and family, but I was excited for the adventure ahead of me. The travel time over to the UK was not easy for me however it was worthwhile knowing I wouldn’t have to do it for another 7 months.  

Prior Travel  

As the Cardiff semester did not begin until late September, I had a few months to explore nearby places and as someone who had not previously been travelled Europe, this was super exciting. Within the first few weeks I got to visit London, Dorset, much of North Wales and Amsterdam which are all worth a visit. Just before my accommodation opened up I also had the opportunity to do more travel where I spent time in Ireland, Poland, Hungary, Greece and Italy. The cheap and easy access to places like this is definitely one of the best parts about studying in the UK. 


It was slightly stressful trying to find accommodation at Cardiff as I did not receive confirmation until after I had left Australia. However, myself and plenty of other Australians were offered university residences within close distance to campus. In my Talybont South accommodation there was always plenty going on, but it was definitely a big adjustment living with 7 roommates.  

University Life 

Cardiff is a great city to live as a student and is one of the more affordable places in the UK but it does rain….a lot (bring a rain jacket!). The uni itself has a range of different sporting and social opportunities as well as good facilities and support services. I was lucky with my degree that I had free electives which I used to take subjects outside my usual QUT units such as law and psychology. I found all the teachers to be supportive and the assessments were manageable despite them not being in my area of knowledge. If you have electives, you should pay attention to the level that the Cardiff module is listed as to ensure you pick the right level of difficulty.  

Being a capital city there was often big events in Cardiff. In between studying I was able to attend multiple concerts as well as a few rugby games in the amazing Principality Stadium. I also had time to travel some more to Scotland where I got to see snow for the first time and then Germany to visit the Christmas markets.  

End of my exchange 

It was not all smooth sailing during my time abroad and there were tough times especially over Christmas where I missed the comfort of my family. However, I felt a strong sense of achievement after completing my exchange program and the experience will have a long-lasting impact on my life which I am extremely grateful for. I recommend Cardiff University as a great place for exchange, remember your warm clothes and save up early to make the most out of the travel opportunities.  

 Find out how you can apply for exchange via the QUT Student Exchange website.


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