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Truly embracing English living!

Phoebe – Manchester Metropolitan University

Semester 2, 2019
Bachelor of Business / Bachelor of Creative Industries

Going on exchange to Manchester Metropolitan University in my third year of study was something I never imagined having the courage to do. Not knowing anyone going from QUT, where I was going to live, or what the university was going to be like, I was truly embarking on an adventure.


The first point of call was finding a place to live. As a single semester exchange student coming in the first semester, I wasn’t eligible for campus accommodation. This meant looking through Manchester student homes and the Facebook exchange groups to find somewhere to rent off-campus. Luckily, I found a group of girls also on exchange to rent with, and within 24 hours of landing, I had signed the contract very jetlagged and without seeing the house (which I would not recommend!).

Thankfully it all turned out super dandy and myself along with two Americans and two other Australians quickly made the classic semi-detached red brick house our own and formed amazing friendships through lots of kitchen chats, cups of tea, and episodes of bad English dating shows.

University experience

I found the university experience was more immersive than at QUT, and while slightly overwhelming to begin with the scope of their fashion school meant I was able to focus on my interest in buying and merchandising in a greater depth than at QUT. Being able to view the fashion industry from a different global perspective also broadened my understanding on the industry as a whole.


While in Manchester I truly embraced English living. I partook in many a high tea with my friends, made use of the extensive train system to travel all over the UK on my weekends with my flatmates, and enjoyed all the indie music and going out a great student city like Manchester has to offer. Remembering to take my umbrella every day no matter what the forecast was even becoming second nature. I also managed to experience a proper English Christmas lunch with a real pine tree and not a prawn insight.

The best part of Exchange though was the friendships I made. Whether Manchester locals or other exchange students on the same rollercoaster as me, everyone fully embraced the friendliness of the north and it was really the people that made my experience one I’ll never forget.

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