Summer Program

Experiencing the culture and history of Denmark

Taylah – University of Aarhus, Denmark

Short-term summer program: “Experience Summer at Aarhus University”
July 2018
Bachelor of Science / Bachelor of Laws (Honours)

My short-term exchange program was hosted by Aarhus University in Denmark. The campus was absolutely stunning and it had an amazing ambiance. It has so many study and social places as well as beautiful gardens and was steeped in culture and history.

Life on campus was quiet as it was during the summer semester for Danish students. However, there were still some locals who participated in the summer courses and heaps of international students. The summer university program promoted and organised a lot of social events and opportunities for everyone to meet and socialise.

In terms of the academics of the university, I really enjoyed the teaching style. For me, I had class everyday during the week for three hours. I studied Animal Law – which was the first class of its kind in Scandinavia. It was an intensive 3-week course that created a gave an in-depth understanding and I had multiple guest lecturers from all around the world. This included academics from Scotland, Barcelona, the US, Denmark and Ireland. This created a more global perspective on the topic an created amazing network opportunities.

The beautiful campus

In regards to the accommodation, I stayed in student housing which was located on the samller campus of the university. The accommodation was nice and my room set-up was just a bed, wardrobe and sink. I had to share a kitchen and bathroom with other students, which meant I got to know a lot of the local Aarhus University students. I would really recommend student housing as it was a really fun vibe and experience.

Aarhus is a beautiful seaside city and I absolutely loved by time there. Everything was in walking distance and all of the locals were so lovely. Everyone speaks English in Denmark, so it is very easy to find your way. There is plenty to see and do but also it is a very nice place to just relax. The living expenses were similar to Australia, except for eating out at restaurants, which was quite expensive. So I would definitely recommend cooking for yourself!

The highlight of my short-term program would definitely be meeting people from all around the world. I also really enjoyed visiting the beaches, the deep park and the Aros Art Museum – the rainbow panorama sky-walk was insane. If you get the opportunity, I would definitely recommend going on a short-term program to Aarhus University.

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  1. Jasmine Settle Reply

    Hi Taylah,

    It sounds like you had an amazing experience at Aarhus University. You mentioned in your blog that there is plenty to see and do in Denmark. I would love to know more about the extra-curricular activities available within the university and what sort of events you were able to participate in outside of classes. Also, you mentioned that you studied Animal Law and that this was the first class of its kind in Scandinavia. I was wondering whether you could provide some insight into what you learnt about this emerging area of law and how it compares to the rights and protections animals are afforded in Australia. The campus looks incredible from your photo! It must have been a lot of fun.

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