Bangkok, far exceeding my expectations

Bradley Webb, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand.  

Well i have to say that after being here 2 months there is zero regret for my decision to go on exchange. This place is amazing, Bangkok you are far exceeding my expectations. This place seems to have a pool everywhere, most places you stay or visit seem to have a pool somewhere in the complex. Here is two that i recently visited.

I went exploring the city this week and went on a long boat through the city. It was amazing and surprising cheap at 3 dollars for about 2 hours up the river. Was fun playing with the pigeons at the dock, I definitely enjoyed being a little kid that day.

Finally after 6 days of humidity and feeling sticky it finally rained. Was amazing sitting on the balcony of the place i was staying and watch a monsoonal storm roll over the city. The weather here in Bangkok is surprising like Brisbane stinking heat and storms that just erupt with exceptional speed.

This student’s exchange to Thailand is generously supported by the Australian Government’s New Colombo Plan

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