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‘Frosh Week’ at Queen’s University

So I finally arrived in Kingston, Ontario! After more than 30 hours travelling by planes, trains and buses, I arrived in my new beautiful home town to clear skies and unusually hot weather.

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My first day of orientation was faculty specific, so we were shown around the Commerce building and met other Commerce exchange students. This also involved participating in a Guinness World Record attempt for ‘largest human letter’, which Queen’s broke with 3,373 students forming a giant Q on Nixon Field!


Before arriving I purchased a ticket for ‘NEWTS’ (New Exchange Worldly Transfer Students) orientation – what a good decision that was. Not only did I get to meet other students from all over the world (and lots of Australians!) but we did a mystery road trip to Toronto Zoo, had our own Olympics and paint party in the City Park, and were introduced to and involved in Queen’s traditions – such as faculty cheers and a Tamming Ceremony. The rich Scottish heritage is definitely a major part of the university and is something I’ve never experienced.

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All in all, Frosh Week was unlike anything I’ve experienced and is something straight out of a North American movie! Queen’s students show a lot of pride and passion and I am so excited to officially be part of the Queen’s family – bring on the Fall Semester!

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