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Traveling While On Exchange – What to Pack and How to Stay Safe

Must-have Items!

Being overseas for nearly 6 months and travelling most of Europe gave me a very good understanding of travel preparation and what must-have items to carry with me at different times. A universal power plug was a very handy item to have while overseas and travelling. An item that I highly recommend having for your temporary ‘home away from home’ is a power board with at least 3 or 4 ports for all your electric devices. This will allow more than 1 power source while eliminating the need to bring spare plug converters. We all rely on our phones very heavily nowadays and this can mean extra strain on phone batteries, especially while travelling. The number 1 item to bring while travelling is a portable battery pack! They can be kept very easily in a backpack and could be your lifesaver when your phone starts running low on battery and you are not anywhere near your accommodation. The last piece of advice I would give regarding travel is to be prepared. When it comes to travelling, there is no such thing as being over prepared. This means triple checking you have all the items you intend to bring, all of the documents you need, checking the times of your transport and being early to catch your transport. There is nothing worse than being stranded and then having to work out alternatives. This will cost you time as well as more money.

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Tips for Staying Safe

Safety was always one of my top priorities but this was even more the case while I was overseas. To help maintain my safety I made sure I never did anything without doing thorough prior research. I also made use of resources such as International SOS and SmartTraveller to check on the safety warnings they broadcast. No matter what resources I used to plan and prepare myself on trips overseas, the most important thing for my safety was to always be alert and aware of my surroundings. Being in the wrong place will sometimes happen but by being vigilant in these situations, you can avoid getting yourself into any trouble.

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