A closer look at life in Denmark


The city initially was real cold, I’ve never been exposed to cold temperature before and Copenhagen being near the Northern side of Europe really gave me an insight into what Cold weather really is like. I had to layer up for sure and had to think twice before going outside due to it snowing down, or it was just generally too cold to leave the house.pic1


The accommodation was very nice and clean. I had a Canadian roommate who was very nice and clean as well. We both gelled together since Day 1 and we still keep in contact today.


The academics was quite straightforward and easy to understand as English is spoken by a large portion of Danish people. All my assessment were in English and they seemed to be the level of QUT. It is noted that the assignments in Denmark were quite reading strenuous and I had to do more readings and researching compared to QUT assignments.

I studied Creative Industries, International Economics, Visual Communication and Sports Economics. These were all engaging units which deviated from my usual run of the mill accounting unit which I did in QUT. These units allowed me to engage in my ‘creative’ side and to allow me to do something else other than balance sheets and debits and credits.



My finances were quite good as I knew how to budget myself. Through the OS-Bursary and QUT HECS Loan I could travel Europe and visit places such as Berlin, London, Manchester, Rome, Paris and I also had a small two trips in Japan and Hong Kong on the way back. The cost of living in comparison was quite similar in the sense that things were costly, this is attributed however to a high living standard much like Australia. Therefore food costs were similar to Australia and I was not deterred by the cost of food.


Culture Shock is something I have experienced when I was in Copenhagen. This however was a good culture shock as Danes are generally well reserved. This however was abolished in parties when the Danes became friendlier to strangers.

In terms of safety, I was quite worried about safety as during the time when I was in Paris as I was in Paris two weeks before the bombing which occurred late 2015. This was a dark time for me when I was in Europe and I am grateful that I was not in Paris when this tragedy occurred.


Exchange has been an experience of a life time, full of learning, fun and most importantly the trip has enhanced my development as a more culturally accepting person. Experiencing different cultures is one of my dreams ever since I was a child. And I am proud to say this trip has enabled me to do this.

One huge influence which made me choose Denmark is the food. Noma – ranked the best restaurant in the world three years running is in Denmark and although I did not score a table there, I tried restaurants similar to Noma and I still loved it. The food culture in Denmark is unparalleled when compared to Australia, and for a foodie like me – I took advantage of the incredible food culture in Denmark.


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