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Fourth best Business School in Japan

Nagoya University of Commerce & Business (NUCB) is the 4th best Business school in Japan according to Eduniversal and its business courses are consistently ranked highly within Japan and Asia. Nagoya also has lower living costs compared to Tokyo and is more centrally located. I had also heard that NUCB ten to organise field trips for its exchange students. As it turned out, the trips and events organised by NUCB were very fun and educational.

I got the opportunity to hike a world heritage pilgrim trail, attend the NUCB school festival, and visit the Toyota factory. I would also not have been able to visit the Kii mountain range or experience a school festival without NUCB organising them.

Toyota Factory Visit
Toyota Factory Visit

Japan is a country with a long history and an amazing culture. It’s almost hard to believe sometimes that you are visiting a 15th century castle or a city that is over a millennia old. Nagoya is located near the middle of Japan’s main island. It’s under an hour from Kyoto and two hours from Tokyo by bullet train. So it was very convenient for trips to Kyoto, Takayama and Shirakawa-go.

The undergrad campus is actually located outside Nagoya in Nisshin city, about 45 min away by train and bus. Nisshin campus has lots of sports facilities and clubs to join; for example: archery, snowboarding, baseball and comedy clubs. But unlike QUT it is not located near a city so it is not easy to leave campus to grab lunch due the 15-20 min bus trip and irregular bus times. They do have a good and cheap cafeteria that serves ramen, curry and set meals as well as a Mos Burger and 7-11 on campus.

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