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Exploring London – Endless possibilities

I didn’t really know where I wanted to go on exchange however having completed a short-term exchange to Croatia I thought maybe I should try something a bit different. I have travelled to the UK before but hadn’t explored much beyond its beautiful capital, London. I had always wanted to try living in the UK and I was keen to go to a country that had high academic expectations (I’m studying my masters) so I settled in on the idea of England as my exchange destination. Leeds Beckett was suggested by QUT for Public Relations students, and the choice was made.

London Bridge and The Tower of London
London Bridge and The Tower of London

When I arrived I flew into London. My god I love this city. It is a hive of activity and I can feel the adrenalin pumping through my veins from the pure excitement of walking the streets and exploring its endless possibilities. After a week I got the train to Leeds. It was, as expected, not quite London. However it seemed to have a thriving student population and was a city that had a growing cultural scene

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