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An American semester at Arizona State University

I had the pleasure of attending Arizona State University, where all my classes were on the Tempe Campus. With close to 70,000 students attending that campus, meant that the University there was magnificent and very beautiful. My impressions of the campus were just like the movies. Students rode long-boards to school and wore clothes showing school spirit for “The Sun Devils”. My impressions of the university were that it was prestigious and classically an, “American College”, where students were there for socialising with one another just as much as they were there to study. This school spirit and socialising aspect was something very different to my experiences at QUT. I joined a fraternity for a short period of time, and found it to be an invaluable experience where I made many new friends.

Students at Arizona State University came from all over the country, and most of my new friends were not close to home. A large percentage of them came from the east coast or mid-west, and came to Arizona as they wanted to be far away from what they were used to. This was a huge shock to me as many of the QUT students live in Brisbane, and do not come from the other side of Australia just to attend university.

The campus was magnificent. It was massive with beautiful gardens and water features spread out. Buildings went by subjects so it was easy to navigate throughout the college and despite it being in Arizona, the campus was very green. The accommodation was a 5 minute walk to the campus, and was only accommodated by students of the college, therefore I was always living near my new friends. The surrounding area is perfect for students as shopping malls are a 10 minute walk away, and the light rail stop (public transportation) is right outside many of the student apartments, and the bars and clubs are right next to the college.

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