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My Chile experience : Campus and vibe

The inside of the UAI Viña campus

UAI is a beautifully designed university on a hill with a great view of Viña. There is no public transport to the university itself, so everyone gets a bus or train to one of the two designated spots where UAI sends private buses to pick up students. They come once every hour or two, and UAI will provide you with a bus timetable. UAI is a private university and considered “right wing” in Chile, something which a lot of people frown upon because there was an extreme right-wing dictator called Pinochet in the 70s-80s.

Chile is quite politically divided and if you say you support the right, they associate that with dictatorship, however there are Pinochet supporters who still agree with him because of the important economic progress he made. It is a touchy subject. The Chileans at the university are quite wealthy and conservative, and also quite young. There is a high school vibe about the university. I didn’t meet many Chileans there, I mostly made Chilean friends through contacts in Valpo, going to parties etc.

The university hosted lots of events and trips for exchange students to meet and get to know each other. I went on a surf trip and a ski trip with uni throughout the semester.

The view from the campus at sunset

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