Artificial Intelligence: Our dinos interact

Some of the dinosaurs in our Zoo are meeting each other for the very first time because, in reality, they come from vastly different time periods. Plus, not one of them has ever seen a human before! So we had to give our dinos a little social grooming to teach them how to interact with each other – and with you. The Cube team created a system to get the dinosaurs to consciously react to each other and to the Zoo’s visitors using a complex Artificial Intelligence (AI) system.

AI 1

In these pictures you can see some of the behind-the-scenes work undertaken to make our dinosaurs smart! As you can see, there was quite a lot of heavy math involved for the AI.

AI 2

These images give you a taste of some of the movement equations and the decision maps used to help the dinosaurs navigate their way through day-to-day life in the Zoo. Recreating dinosaurs’ personalities and social habits is no easy feat!


They can see you… and standing still won’t help you!

We said that we were making the dinosaurs smart… we may have made them too smart! They know you are there, even if you aren’t touching the walls of The Cube. This doesn’t seem to worry the herbivores so much, but we’ve got some apex predators in the zoo and they may think you’re on the menu!

We’ve been able to prove that the T-Rex knows you’re there even if you stand still! How freaky is that?!

Tracking Test 2

Our dinosaurs will follow you, react to you and sometimes even try to get at you! We apologise in advance but we can’t control these dinosaurs. They’re bigger and smarter than we ever imagined!

We recommend all visitors to the Zoo have their wits about them, and be wary of the raptors – even if you can’t see them, they are there and they can see you!