Tech start-up to Teenage Entrepreneur: Scott Millar

Starting his entrepreneurial journey at age 14, Scott Millar is now the 18-year-old CEO and founder of Brisbane-based tech start-up, BOP Industries. Scott is a passionate advocate for young entrepreneurs and all things technology, and is on a mission to show young people the power they have and how they can do truly extraordinary things whilst still in high school.

Scott Millar

As part of QUT’s Vice-Chancellor’s STEM Camp, an event which see’s 160 of the brightest Year 11 students from across Queensland and Northern NSW take part in QUT’s ‘real-world’ research, Scott shared how he turned a school project into a thriving tech business, and what it takes to become a teenage entrepreneur and CEO.

Scott has grown BOP from selling 3D printed keyrings at local markets to creating and selling holograms, to now also running STEM workshops and events across the country, so he can attest to STEM entrepreneurship as a real career path:

‘It has never been easier to commercialise your idea and bring it into mainstream use, and the advancements in the STEM space are the perfect ideas to do this with.’

So just what does it take for a high school student to be entrepreneurial? Scott says often it is the students that think outside the box and are always trying to connect their learnings with the real world.

“Whether it is doing internships with local businesses, building relationships with mentors or doing extra courses; it’s important to find something to set yourself apart from the rest.”

Scott reiterated the importance of entrepreneurship skills, and how these can be applied to the STEM fields:

Scott Millar

“These days, no matter what industry you go into, entrepreneurial skills are going to be crucial. Perhaps not so much the ability to build a brand or a business as a traditional entrepreneur would; but more the ability to share ideas, work in a team and continue to innovate to ensure you continue to develop and grow.”

Scott has a passion to continue learning and challenging himself, as well he intends to continue to share his passion for entrepreneurship and STEM.

“There is more to STEM than just researching, you can commercialise your skills and really make some differences in the world no matter your age, background or interests!”

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