2018 Cube Artist in Residence: Seeing nature larger than life

Hi there, we are Man & Wah – this year’s resident artists at The Cube. Much of what we create is inspired by cosmos and nature, we love seeing the beauty of nature larger than life! We design large scale content such as installations and photographic prints and create immersive environments with projections and sound.

Sunset landscape of Science & Engineering Centre (P block)

We first discovered The Cube earlier this year while working on BOTANICA at the City Botanic Gardens, during a stroll around QUT. We still remember the overwhelming excitement seeing the scale of The Cube for the first time as we entered the doors of P Block. We both looked at each other with the same thought, ‘We need to get the botanical content on these screens!’.  What also captured our curiosity was the possibilities of the interactive screens and how they could be used to create an immersive environment.

Jacaranda stamen (approx 3x3mm), captured with a Leica M125 Stereo Microscope

Excited, we researched further and found QUT was accepting expression of interests for  the 2018 Cube Artist in Residence program. Fast forward to now and here we are one month into our residency! During this short-time we have met many interesting people from a diverse range of disciplines in many QUT faculties engaging in fascinating research; from coral research to microscopy and botany. We were even invited to judge the 2018 QUT Science in Focus competition.

We look forward to sharing more of our experiences with you during this residency in the coming weeks, and hope we will inspire others to connect more with nature and be mesmerised (as much as we are!) by its beauty and the important functions it performs in creating a habitable and sustainable planet. | | IG | FB

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