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Calling all creatives: The Cube 2018 Artist in Residence program

Are you a professional working in visual art, interactive design, science communication, digital storytelling, software engineering, data visualisation or games design?

Do you want to push the boundaries of your practice and develop an innovative project on one of the world’s largest interactive display spaces?

If answered ‘yes’ to the above – it is time to start your application for The Cube’s 2018 Artist in Residence program!

The Cube
The Cube, 2013

Located within QUT’s Science and Engineering Centre, The Cube is a hub for scientific and digital exploration, and is one of the world’s largest interactive learning and display spaces.

Applicants are invited to submit project proposals for an innovative digital project and to utilise The Cube’s technology and opportunities as a dedicated large-scale interactive environment.

Working from The Cube Studio, this immersive program aims to provide a unique professional development opportunity for the resident to design, develop and deliver a new work that pushes the boundaries of their practice.

Now in its fifth year, The Cube’s Artist in Residence Program aims to generate transdisciplinary dialogue between creative practice, technology, and science.

In 2017, multimedia artist Georgie Pinn developed an immersive, interactive project that used facial tracking technology, animation and sound to explore notions of empathy and shared identity. The installation was a virtual mirror, investigating myopic self-obsessed tendencies and used a new emotive language that connected a diverse group of people. View Georgie’s video of Echo.

Echo by Georgie Pinn, Cube Resident in 2017.
Echo by Georgie Pinn

Well regarded in her field, artist and programmer Lauren McCarthy explored the potential of The Cube as a “smart social environment” and the areas around The Cube were transformed into “smart social environments”. The Changing Room used custom software and analysed the data collected through The Cube’s built-in sensors to display social instructions based on the needs of those in the areas surrounding the wall. View Lauren’s video of The Changing Room.

The Changing Room
The Changing Room by Lauren McCarthy

Read more about our past Artist In Residents in Cube Chat.

If you are interested in pushing the boundaries of your practice and developing an innovative digital project at The Cube, be sure to submit an EOI before applications close on Friday 1 June 2018.

Read more about The Cube 2018 Artist in Residence Program.

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