STEM Girl Power Camp at The Cube

The Cube and QUT’s Design Lab teamed up in March to host an exciting workshop program at QUT Gardens Point campus as part of the second annual STEM Girl Power Camp. The workshop coincided with annual World Science Festival (WSF) activities held in Brisbane.

Sixty regional high-achieving Year 10 girls and 10 teachers discovered the power of design in science, technology and enterprise innovation through workshops and presentations from STEAM leaders and experts in their field.

The STEM Girl Power Camp is an important initiative of Advancing education: An action plan for education in Queensland to address the lower participation rates of girls in STEM subjects and careers.

Program co-ordinators Natalie Wright (QUT Design Lab) and Jacina Leong (QUT The Cube) said they embraced the opportunity to provide such a diverse workshop program, revealing design’s critical role in STEM education. It also showcased the city campus and the varied opportunities available for regional girls to study at QUT.


The girls participated in three hands-on workshops exploring wearable technologies, STEAM Entrepreneurship and webcam-hacked microscopes with artist / scientist, Jaden Hastings, to create DIY microscopes.


The first presentation was from Dana Winkworth, Systems Administrator from The Cube who talked about her experience working in Information Technology in a male-dominated field. Previously she worked for Maccquarie Group in London and Brisbane and is now enjoying great work/life balance managing the IT infrastructure in The Cube studio. Her tip for the girls was ‘do what you would do, if you knew you couldn’t fail’.


The second presentation was from Svenja Kratz, a new media artist interested in the intersections between science and art. Svenja is currently Science Art Lab + theme leader within the Creative Exchange Institute and works as a Lecturer in Interdisciplinary Creative Practice at University of Tasmania. She spoke about her BioSynethetic Systems exhibition which opened at Creative Industries Precinct on Saturday 25 March.


The last presentation was from Jaden Hastings whose work focuses upon the intersection and interplay of art and science – from philosophy to praxis – merging scientific and artistic research, challenging the norms of both disciplines, and moving them into new spaces for exploration.


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