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Happy Australia Day

As well as featuring well-known dinosaurs such as T-Rex, Stegosaurus and Triceratops, Dino Zoo includes five Australian dinosaurs that have never before been animated with scientific accuracy —Queensland’s own Muttaburrasaurus, Kunbarrasaurus, Rhoetosaurus, Coelurosaur and Australovenator nicknamed Banjo.


Image credit: Australovenator

Banjo is an Australovenator Wintonensis. He is one of our home-grown heroes who was discovered in Winton, Queensland. Dr Scott Hocknull from Queensland Museum is famous for the classification of Banjo, and seeing his old mate finally living and breathing in the zoo has been a fantastic experience.

Sean Druitt, head of The Cube, said “it’s exciting to see the incredible diversity of our Aussie dinosaurs and the lesser-known Australian dinosaurs brought to life. Once we started diving into it we discovered we had some fantastic homegrown dinos.”


Image credit: Rhohetosaurus

We have our own terrifying raptors, massive sauropods and even cute little ones that you’d want to have at home as a pet. We’ve always fallen in love with the famous dinos from overseas without fully realising that we have so many awesome ones on our own doorstep.

Dino Zoo Holiday Program finished on 26 January 2016 however the Dino Zoo screening project will continue to run in rotation with other Cube projects. For more information on dates and times, please visit Cube Screens.

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