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The Cube brings dinosaurs to life this Summer

We are excited to announce that The Cube’s next big thing, Dino Zoo, will be open to the public from 6 January!

Visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the zoo, interact with the dinosaurs, and play fun activities on the touch screens. We’ll have five Australian and five international species living in our zoo, just on the other side of the glass. Some of the dinosaurs will move in herds, some will hunt in small packs, and some like to rock it solo.

Dino Animation 3

In these images you can see one of the dinosaurs we’ve brought back to life. This process involved animation rig positioning, ranges of movement, and the start of a walk animation using the final 3D model.

Dino Animation 2

In collaboration with Dr Scott Hocknull, Senior Curator of Geosciences at the Queensland Museum, we’ve ensured that all of our dinosaurs will move and interact with scientific accuracy. Nowhere in the world can you find dinosaurs portrayed with this level of accuracy!

Dino Animation 1

Banjo (pictured above) is an Australovenator Wintonensis. He is one of our home-grown heroes who was discovered in Winton, Queensland. Dr Hocknull is famous for the classification of Banjo, and seeing his old mate finally living and breathing in the zoo has been a fantastic experience.

The journey from dig to digital has been close to a decade in the making for Dr Hocknull – not too long considering Banjo was last roaming around 65 million years ago!

Stay tuned for more Dino Zoo updates!

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