Robotics in the classroom: looking at curriculum links and FIRST® LEGO® League

Last week, The Cube hosted Robotics in the classroom, a professional development workshop for educators, facilitated by Peter Kellett. Peter provided a hands-on look at how LEGO Education EV3 robotics can be used in the curriculum, with a focus on FIRST® LEGO® League and other FIRST® programs.

As an educator in the field of classroom ICT, Peter discussed unit development, structure and assessment techniques using his robotics program at Grace Lutheran College as a case study.

Peter is a regional partner for FIRST® in Queensland and currently directs the FIRST® LEGO® League Brisbane Bayside tournament. Throughout the evening, Peter shared suggested approaches for teams competing in this year’s FIRST® LEGO® League ‘Trash Trek’ challenge.

Interested in learning about Peter’s key tips for approaching this year’s challenge? Review the FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge Guide and be sure to keep an eye on any Challenge updates.

Peter also discussed direct links between FIRST® LEGO® League and the Australian Curriculum and reviewed how the competition can be incorporated into lesson planning. You can view FIRST® LEGO® League curriculum links here. Thanks to the Robotics@QUT Caboolture team for compiling and sharing this great resource.

And a final thanks to Peter for facilitating a fantastic and informative evening!

For further information visit the FIRST® LEGO® League website.

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