Innovating Education: Creative Lab 2015 Advocates STEAM in the Classroom

The Cube, Queensland Museum and kuril dhagun, State Library of Queensland are gearing up for Creative Lab 2015 – a two-day hands-on professional development program aimed at equipping STEM educators with the knowledge and skills to innovate learning through the framework of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics).

Held on 1 & 2 May 2015, Creative Lab will provide the opportunity for educators to explore new and engaging ways of connecting students with STEM through a STEAM learning framework, which encourages an experiential approach to learning.

We sat down with The Cube’s Public Programs Curator, Jacina Leong, to discuss why the STEAM framework is an essential part of 21st Century learning, and how this new way of thinking will contribute to schools and education environments.


STEAM is a 21st Century framework for learning and teaching. In our increasingly connected world, breaking down the barriers between domains of knowledge is timely. In our rapidly changing world, where global challenges require creative and innovative solutions, connecting divergent thinkers is essential.

What do you hope Creative Lab will achieve?

The integration of the Arts into STEM is about fundamentally rethinking how we learn, and ensuring that experimentation, exploration and critical thinking are central to the learning experience. I hope that Creative Lab will provide a platform for educators to recognise this value and to better understand how this type of framework can be introduced, at a practical level, into the classroom.

How can QM/The Cube contribute to the adoption of STEAM in schools and other education environments?

The Cube – and, more broadly, QUT – has a well-established culture of collaboration and a commitment to practical engagement. The Cube is paving the way for others to adopt STEAM – by providing a framework through our engagement programs, remaining responsive and on pulse, and working with the broader community to help us define what STEAM is and what it can be.

What can delegates expect to ‘take home’ from Creative Lab experiences?

  • Confidence and a practical ‘know-how’ to apply STEAM
  • Broader awareness of STEAM on a local and global scale
  • Connection to other educators and industry professionals
Are you an educator who is passionate about innovative teaching and engaging students with STEAM? Check out Creative Lab for more information on how you can put yourself at the forefront of STEAM education.

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