Let’s hear from: Brisbane City Council Library Services

Over the last 12 months, The Cube has partnered with Brisbane City Council libraries to deliver a series of innovative electronics and coding programs for children aged 8-12 using littleBits, LEGO MINSTORMS NXTs, MaKey MaKey and Scratch.

The Cube’s innovative programs have been hugely popular in Brisbane City Council libraries. Demand continues to grow exponentially in the areas of electronics, robotics and coding for children as families actively search for opportunities to help children prepare for a future where an ability to leverage these technologies will be considered a basic life skill.

lego   lego2

The workshops are accessible to a wide cross-section of the Brisbane community and cater for all abilities. Each course encourages children to build confidence and learn important life skills such as teamwork, creative collaboration and presentation skills, while developing new connections within their local community.

I am amazed by the ability of each child to absorb, innovate and apply this technology so quickly and enthusiastically.

Cube Chat entry courtesy of Jane Peel, Brisbane Digital Hub Coordinator, Brisbane City Council Library Services.

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