Jason Nelson goes to Italy (virtually)

The Cube’s Digital Writer has happily spent the last week in Italy… at least virtually. Jason Nelson‘s work was shown at the National Palace in Napoli as part of the OLE Festival of Digital Literature. He also gave an artist talk exploring a range of his works.

Jason: I was excited to show my work at the OLE Digital Literature Festival in Italy. It was an incredibly well attended event (from what they tell me). And it included, in typical Italian style, a curious array of artists, writers and too many administrators and politicians to count. I was included as one of the masters of the craft, which doesn’t mean I have super powers sadly, it just means I am considered to be kinda good at what I do.

Italy JN 2

The Digital Poem they included is called “The Required Field” and it explores the idea that our daily worlds are dominated by forms – from insurance, to driving, to banking, to university, to marriage. Everything we do has a form attached. You can explore the work here.

Sharing my work a world away in Italy has made me realise how easy it is to send digital art to other parts of the globe. If you decide, and I strongly feel you should, to become or explore the digital arts, I would suggest you send your creations out via the wires, into any and every place you can find. The reward can be a massive and engaged audience, who might or might not speak another language.

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