Buildacode project launched!

Designed by The Cube’s artist-in-residence, Mónica Rikić, Buildacode was showcased to the public for the very first time over the weekend.

Buildacode is an experimental tool for sound programming, which seeks the integration of objects’ manipulation into a visual programming environment for real-time sound creation.

The project aims to allow people with or without previous programming knowledge to enjoy tangible sound coding through the manipulation of friendly objects.

Buildacode does this by using 24 colourfully decorated foam cubes of 25cm³ each. By building different figures and shapes with the cubes, users can play with different sounds and compositions.

Watch the final project here and stay tuned for upcoming opportunities to interact with the project!

Move On – New Media Art from Australia, Canada and Europe / EMARE Australia Canada is supported by the Culture 2013 program of the European Commission and the Goethe-Institut.

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