Buildacode – Halfway There!

The Cube’s Artist-In-Residence, Mónica Rikić, talks about new updates in Buildacode, the GAME ON Symposium, and Visual Art student workshops.

Mónica: Last week has been quite busy! I’m now halfway through my residency and I have to be 100% hands on with the project.

All the basic functions of the code are finished and I’m preparing the physical part of the project, which means that I’ll be cutting and sewing for the rest of the week 🙂 . It’s actually quite nice to have to be away from the computer and still feel I’m working hard on the project. The whole point of the project is to get out of the screen and learn sound and coding basics, so it feels very good to experience it in the process too! It feels like the right thing to do!

I almost have all the drawings/patches done, there’s some that I’ll decide when I do the live tests since I need to check that my ideas are working correctly. I’m happy to have Jeniffer Heng to help me with the sewing and the testing, I’m sure she’ll give me good advice!

Also, I’ll be doing a two-day Masterclass focusing on education and art students the last week of August and the first of September, where I’ll be talking about my research and new ways of teaching new technologies through new technologies themselves. I’m sure some really good advice will come out of working with the students around the project. Better teamwork than lonely work! Like Zach Lieberman said last week in his talk at The Cube, it’s time to go from DIY to DIWO (do it with others!).

GAME ON Symposium


So last week’s highlight was definitely the GAME ON Symposium organised by my beloved Truna. It was a weekend of interesting talks and workshops around gaming and the games industry. There was this amazing showcase of home grown games that was full most of the day, which means succes! Congratulations to Truna, Lubi and the rest of the team for the event!

I went to Zach Lieberman’s Openframeworks workshop on Sunday. Although we didn’t really actually code anything, it was very interesting to talk about the structure of Openframeworks, see some exercises and go through the code to understand the process that was happening and how to create a project – good start.

The funniest part was when, just at the end of the workshop, Friedrich Kirschner dressed in a garbage bag entered the room with Lubi asking if we wanted to join a cocacola-mentos fight… of course I joined! So much fun hahaha! I’l try to get some photos soon and post them too…

I’m actually quite grateful the symposium happened during my residency and I got to know Friedrich, such a nice person and friend I just made 🙂



I’ve already done two out of three Makey Makey workshops for Visual Art students. I think both of them went really well. My hope is to open a little door for them to understand new technologies applied to arts so they can use them as another material to experiment with. I’m pretty sure it’s working in many cases 🙂

I was very surprised with the motivation of both groups during the workshop. At the end of the workshop they had to show what they’ve done in groups and I loved how they took so much care in the setup of the exercise as if it were a real piece. Thank you for that guys, your motivation is my best reward!


I’ll go back to this workshops next week as soon as they’re all done.

This weekend I’ll be giving a Garduino Workshop at The Cube. We’ll do an introduction to Arduino, sensors and sound by creating a musical instrument from a plant. Sounds good, doesn’t it? I’m actually very excited…

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