JumpstART Workshops at Kelvin Grove State College

The Cube Artist-in-Residence Mónica Rikić shares her impressions about the Makey Makey workshop for the JumpstART program at Kelvin Grove State College.

Mónica: This week I did a Makey Makey workshop for grade 7 kids in The Cube’s JumpstART program. This was the second group – I held the first workshop last week. They’ve been working on building these amazing community centres in art class out of recycled materials. It’s impressive to see what their imagination can lead them to build: eco-friendly buildings, shared spaces for children and grandparents, animal buildings and even a huge speaker building to be able to talk to the universe.

I had to introduce them to new technologies and interaction applied to arts through Makey Makey. Kids learn so fast. I really wish I had a Makey Makey workshop when I was at school too! 🙂


First they had to list different sounds and interactions the building could have and a welcome message that they’d record and play when some part of the building was touched. The interactions and the sounds should be related to the concept of the building.

I taught them how to use the Makey Makey with Soundplant to fire the sounds, and Audacity to record them previously when needed. I gave them just a quick look, and in two more minutes they got it!

Even though the first day we had less time to work with the group, because we had to do an overall introduction to all of them at the beginning, they were VERY good. The kids came up with these cool interactions and funny sounds. The best part is to hear them explain their work.

MRworkshop4          MRworkshop2

The second day group had the first day to prepare and more time to do it, but funny enough some of them didn’t finish all of their sound interaction hahahah 🙂 It seems that when you are in a rush you get things done quicker than having more time to think and then some indecisions appear! Nice team work and beautiful interactions too.

So they were all BRILLIANT and I’m very happy I’ve had the opportunity to share this experience with Australian school kids and teachers.

Thanks to The Cube for this opportunity and looking forward to working with them soon again and learning from their view of the future communities. Well done to all of them!

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