Buildacode: First Steps

After a week of residency and a fun day at the beach with some friends, Mónica Rikić is feeling more than ready to start talking about the first steps of her project.

Last week was a bit intense since I had to put my head into the project and get used to the new working environment. I also had my first JumpstArt program workshop, and even though I’ve done many similar workshops back home it’s never the same to deal with school kids from another country! 🙂 It went really well and this week we’ll be doing the second group of children of the same program and I’m really looking forward to it.

So, about Buildacode, I can say that I’ve started to make some decisions about how the first stage of development will be. I’ve been working mainly in building MIDI sounds for the moment and messing around with the TUIO emulator to be able to decide the rest of the materials for The Cube – reacTIVision transfers and other drawings. Now I’ve got the code ready to be able to create different notes of a piano and play it either by activating the sounds with another cube or by building a metronome. I’m also able to change the instrument, the velocity and the length of every sound separately so I’m having a good idea of how the MIDI part should be right now.

I’ve also been messing around with waves: creating them, changing the pitch, the volume and deciding the interactions that will make all of these events happen. Looking good!

I’m a bit obsessed with the idea of making it as intuitive as possible so for this first stage I’ve decided to keep it simple and restrict the possibilities of creation and interaction until I can have a first real test with the cubes and someone else playing to see how it goes to make the changes needed to make it easy to play.

Oh BTW, I’ve started a website for the project. It’s just a ‘coming soon’ website but I’ll give you the link here to keep you updated with the logo 🙂

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