Buildacode – Getting Started

The Cube welcomes its newest Artist-in-Residence Mónica Rikić on her first day at The Cube!

Mónica: So the time has arrived! After all the rush: finishing work, back home, some Australian holidays down in Northern Rivers and visiting some good friends in Sydney, it is time to start working!

Just met all the team at The Cube and I’m feeling at home 🙂

I made an ‘Australian wok paella’ last night so now I’m full of energy to face all the workshops I’ll be doing during the next 9 weeks and developing the project Buildacode.


The first thing I had to do was to plan the workshops so I’ll talk a bit about that:

I’ll be doing a total of 5 different activities during my stay

The first one is already next week. It’s part of a program called JumpstART for Year 7 students in Kelvin Grove State College and this year’s theme is Future communities, how can we contribute in a positive way to bettering or improving our communities?.

The kids have already built ‘community centers/buildings’ made from recycled materials. What we’ll do in the workshop is to take this ‘city’ one step further by adding sound to the buildings and making them interactive with Makey Makey. So this will be Wednesday next week 23 July and another one the next Wednesday 30 July. I’ll be posting some pictures in this blog and more info!

After this, the first three Mondays of August I’ll be doing another three Makey Makey introduction workshops, but this time for First Year Visual Arts students. I’m pretty excited about this since they’re not related to new technologies at all, I studied Fine Arts too and getting to know new tech changed my vision of art and became my media. So I hope I can open new ways of expression to some of them!

The next one will be for the National Science Week. It’s going to be a pretty cool workshop I have to say… I can’t wait to see how it turns out 🙂  It’ll be a two day, four hour intensive Arduino introduction workshop for children where they’ll have to create a musical instrument from a plant – sounds nice doesn’t it? The idea was to make a Arduino workshop and making musical instruments out of plants sounded funnier than making the usual watering systems so we’re going for that! This will be 16-17 August and it’s open for anyone to enrol! More info coming soon.

By this time we’ll be getting to the end of August and Buildacode should be quite advanced, so for my next activity which is a Masterclass for QUT students (27 August & 3 September) about using new tech in education, I’ll be introducing the project. It’ll be a two-session Masterclass. The first one will be more theorical and in the second one we’ll be working with Buildacode to create a common education mini-project with it.

And last but not least, on 30 August I’ll be doing an Interactive Puppetry workshop for the Young Scholars program. It’ll be a three-hour workshop where they’ll have to create their own puppet from a sock and add some little electronic tricks to make it interactive. It’ll all be up to their imagination!



As soon as I arrived to The Cube I wanted to see the cubes – yes, everything is very ‘cubical’ – that I’ll use for creating Buildacode which they told me have arrived.


I can only say THEY ARE GREAT!! I had to take one home so I could see it all the time…

For the moment no more news about the project that I haven’t already said, so I’ll keep you informed about all the changes. Just making some decisions on materials and development now…

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