Buildacode – What’s This All About?

In her first post, The Cube’s new Artist-in-Residence Mónica Rikić will introduce herself and her work, and give an insight into what she plans to achieve during her residency.

About me

Let me first introduce myself: I’m Mónica Rikić. I’m an interactive artist and programmer from Barcelona and I’ve been awarded an EMARE MoveOn Residency to develop my project Buildacode, an iteration of my other project Buildasound, at The Cube, QUT. I studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona and did a Masters in Digital Arts at UPF (Barcelona). My project Buildasound started as the final project of this Masters back in 2010. At the moment it’s exhibited at the Ars Electronica Center (Linz).



I see the game as an artistic experience, and playing as the ratio existing between the piece and the public. I am interested in interactive art and therefore I understand the art piece as an element to be appropriated by the public (or as I define it, the user). The piece is thus a creative tool available to him/her.  As an artist, I am dedicated to the creation and study of new technologies. I am interested in enhancing its tools to find new creative and educational methods. I believe we are in an artistic transition, so I mix known and comfortable materials with new technological devices. I want to use them as transitional objects in order to reduce the impact of the use of new technologies and their dazzling effect on the public for being something that does not belong in their everyday relationships. By removing this fear, I intend to promote experimentation and therefore creation.

The best way to bring art closer is through art itself, and code is my artistic language.


Buildasound is a sound building blocks game. It consists in creating shapes at the same time that you generate new sounds: there is no single objective (winning or losing), but instead the entertainment involved in playing for playing’s sake, and the opportunity to discover new melodies and constructions and constant creation based on the different positions of the cubes.

Buildasound – Full description from Mónica Rikić on Vimeo.

It is made of 25 foam blocks of 25cm3 each and lined with fabric. Three of the sides are of a different color – red, violet, green – and belong to a different game. The opposite side of each side of the game, which is white, has the image recognition code that will be read by the camera and sent to the computer. Once the computer receives it, it sends a signal to the software that will translate it and will send the correct sound to the speakers.


Made with: Reactivision, Pure Data and Processing.


This new version of the project will be an experimental tool for sound creation, which seeks the integration of object’s manipulation into a visual programming environment for real-time sound creation/programming. My main interest is to develop a platform for people that with or without previous programming knowledge, would be able to enjoy tangible sound coding through the manipulation of friendly objects (soft, large, cosy and colourful) instead of lines of incomprehensible code.


My other projects

I’ve done many smaller projects, videos and animations that you can see on my website and I also work as a freelance programmer doing websites and mobile apps. You can see the portfolio here.


At the moment I’m also starting with my colleague Lucía Seguramente a bigger and long time project called Hightech Rupestre. Our goal is to bring new media art closer to the public by producing different low tech art projects, gadgets and other occurrences. We also use recycled or daily materials mixed with microcontrolers and other electronic items. We also offer different workshops for kids an new technologies.

Cup Coder, 2014 from Mónica Rikić on Vimeo.

Jump! from Mónica Rikić on Vimeo.

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