Latest Special Edition of International Journal of Crime, Justice & Social Democracy – Available Now!

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The International Journal of Crime, Justice & Social Democracy has just released the first issue for 2017 which is a special edition on Southern Criminology.

Knowledge is a commodity and knowledge production does not occur in a geo-political vacuum. The geo-politics of knowledge is unequally skewed, privileging the global north – Anglophone social sciences. Southern criminology as a democratising project aims to address this. This special issue provides a space for interaction between diverse global voices – read on and share widely. Its free to download. Read more

QUT Law Review – Special Issue on “Current Issues in Therapeutic Jurisprudence”

QUT Law Review

QUT Law Review

Special Issue: Current Issues in Therapeutic Jurisprudence

Volume 16, No 3 (2016)

This year’s final issue of the QUT Law Review with papers from prominent and highly influential authors in the field of therapeutic jurisprudence including David B Wexler, Michael L Perlin and Ian Freckelton. According to Wexler, TJ had its genesis in the early 1990s as a new interdisciplinary approach to mental health law in the US, but has expanded remarkably in scope, reach and influence since then. TJ sees law as a social force which inevitably gives rise to unintended consequences, which may be either beneficial or harmful (what we have come to identify as therapeutic or anti-therapeutic consequences). These consequences flow from the operation of substantive rules, legal procedures, or from the behaviour of legal actors (such as lawyers and judges). It is in this sense that we conceive of the role of the law as a ‘therapeutic agent’. Read more