Recently Published: “As surveillance gets smart, hackers get smarter”


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This post authored by CJRC researcher Dr. Monique Mann and School of Justice PhD candidate Michael Wilson originally appeared on The Conversation on Thursday July 28, 2016.

There is an escalating technological arms race underway between governments and hacktivists. As governments step up their surveillance, the hacktivists find new ways to subvert it.

This cat and mouse game has been described as a crypto war and it’s been going on for decades.

Top secret documents released by Edward Snowden confirmed the extent of global internet surveillance by government agencies. For example, the United States National Security Agency (NSA) obtained access to systems maintained by tech companies and intercepted undersea cables to monitor global internet traffic. Read more

Recently Published: “Constructing the ideal victim in the United States of America’s annual trafficking in persons reports”

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PhD candidate Michael Wilson and Dr Erin O’Brien from the School of Justice, Faculty of Law, have recently co-authored an article published in the interdisciplinary journal Crime, Law and Social Change. Read more